Perfume snatch and look like Asian royalty in their preview for "Cling, cling"

Perfume had scalped a fair few with "Display" and now they have a taste for hair and are out to harvest all of the wigs in East Asia with "Cling, cling". As many had speculated when the promo shot was released, the music video has a Chinese theme, as does the song. Get into this preview of Perfume looking like Ming dynasty bowsss bitches and spinning bird kicking wigs clean off of heads with their new preview for "Cling, Clind".

Nakata is running this soft dubstep shit into the ground, but the visuals we have gotten for the likes of each Perfume song he's worked it into thus far have been so strong, as have the songs that I can't hate it just yet. But I do hope this doesn't becoming a 'thing' for every song Perfume put out for this era and that it ends up defining their forthcoming album.


  1. Well... This dubstep lite phase Nakata is going through really doesn't phase me much; Sweet Refrain finally got me ass a few months ago and I am loving Display. Let's hope he doesn't fail with Cling Cling; the visuals look like they're gonna be off the chain, y'all.

  2. That couldn't be the instrumental, because that was clearly "Dream Land" with a dubstep-remixed sound to it… If it is the instrumental, then I'm not impressed with the rehashing of their own song. Unless it's gonna be like Crystal Kay did with "fly to you" and practically made magic with it, then I'm down for it!

  3. Chris Redfield11 June 2014 at 11:38

    i dont' mind the dubstep thingy as long as they reduce the screechy vocals! already in luv :D

  4. I will accept a "Dream land (China remix)" if the production is on point. We'll have to wait until the full song drops. The "Dream land" section could just be one small passage within a song where all else sounds completely new. So we'll have to wait and see.

  5. Chris Redfield14 June 2014 at 17:39

    just noticed nocchi's grill! :D


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