Random ramblings: 3 things Perfume's new song "Cling cling" could / should be about

3 things Perfume's new song "Cling cling" could / should be about | Random J Pop

With a title like "Cling, cling" my mind was been boggling as to what the song could be about. "Cling, cling" could quite possibly be onomatopoeia for metal clashing; with the girls serving Ming Chun-Li dynasty in the promo shot, this may be the case. Perfume's songs have always been quite ambiguous and focused on the idea of feelings and doubt about those feelings. So what will "Cling, cling" be about, baring this in mind? A clash of emotions? A clash of feelings? A clash of ideals? Who knows. But I've been making my own conclusions as to what I would like "Cling, cling" to be about, as I've funnelled these into 3 different subject matters.

1. Money
"Cling, cling" could be Perfume's first flossy song. Between their touring, their endorsement deals, their radio show and TV and magazine appearances Perfume must be making a nice amount of yen. Even if it does get divided amongst their creative team, management and then split three ways between the girls themselves. Although given how Nocchi has been curbed and disrespected with the smallest parts in songs and no switch up's to her hair for much of the LEVEL3 era, it wouldn't surprise me if she saw the least of the yen.

♪ When the cash reggy hits, go cling, cling.
Throw it up and show me dat ching, ching ♪

2. Far too emotionally attached boyfriends
"Cling, cling" could be Perfume's first man-hating, semi-scrub anthem. A-chan is not thirsty for anything other than screaming during performances of "Chocolate disco" and crying at the end of concerts, but Kashiyuka has had boyfriends and I know Nocchi had been creeping during the Triangle era. The keyword being 'had'. So naturally they'd have opinions on what they would like in a man and have some dirt on why at least one of their past relationships didn't work out. Kashiyuka and Nocchi seem like the type of chicks who take no shit and can make themselves emotionally unavailable in a heartbeat, all the while their prospect boyfriend is making themselves crazy trying to please them and crack that exterior. No chance. What better way to dish the dirt on these far too emotionally attached boyfriends than in an electro-pop banger!?

♪ That boy he far too cling, cling. 
I want sex, no hugs, too cling, cling. 
First date, say he love me, too cling, cling ♪

3. A ratchet club anthem
Perfume have sung songs about discos and clubs before, but these have always focused on the euphoric aspects of being in such settings as opposed to the ratchetness. The "Cling, cling" promo shot looks like it was shot in some ghetto basement club in some run down part of Tokyo. A ratchet club anthem is long overdue. Ayumi and Kumi have tried to do it, but neither of those tricks would be a contender if Perfume were to throw a gauntlet down with their own and Nakata didn't skip a beat with the production.

♪ Poppin’ bottles in the club, raise a glass; Cling, cling.
V.I.P, with my girls, on lock; Cling, cling ♪

Whatever "Cling, cling" is about, those girls had better dance like f**k in those Xianghua Soul Calibur dresses and end the routine with a fly pose which looks like some Tekken Xiayou shit



  2. "AKB-FORTY-AINT" OH.MY.GOD You just retired every last one of them bitches and sent them on a expedition find their lost wigs, which are now scattered throughout the whole of japan.

  3. It's probably going to sound like, "Cring cring", which is the sound of a bicycle bell, this song is going to be about the two-wheeler!

  4. I am so over Pefume.. :/ The only thing I am truly excited about nowadays is Kyary's new album. Have you guys seen the album covers yet? They're awesome as always xD

  5. Actually A-Chan is just undesirable. That's why no boyfriend.

    Kashiyuka is an inexperienced virgin tease with no stories to tell.

    And Nocchi is an undercover promiscuous betch who would NEVER let you believe she was.

  6. Mauricio Silva4 June 2014 at 14:18

    Oh thanks god that you're not a composer for perfume, you lack of creativity is proportional to the amount of girlie-hate to the last album and single.

  7. Here you go...


    I've charged it with a value proportional to the necessity of you picking a seat to take.

    If you read my review of LEVEL3 or even at the very least just scrolled down to the score, you would have seen that I didn't / don't hate LEVEL3 at all. I think it's a solid album.

    Be real. "Hold your hand" is not that good. You like it, and that's great. The song isn't completely terrible. But there is no way you can tell me that song would have ever been a good choice for a single right now. It sounded far too similar to "Sweet refrain". Had Universal thought it was such a strong single, they would not have thrown it on iTunes for 2 yen and is put it on a brand new maxi single with 3 other songs. I doubt Makiko even bothered choreographing a routine for it.

    I'm glad I'm not a composer for Perfume neither, because Yasutaka does a better job than I could ever do. Even with that said, I could have given Perfume a better song than "Hold your hand".


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