Listen to... Perfume's "Display" and "Ijiwaru na hello" in full

Perfume - Hello / Perfume - Ijiwaru na hello | Random J Pop

"Cling cling" is doing the rounds in televised performances and Perfume are showing up to every photo shoot wearing those Chun-Li spinning bird dresses. There's also a release date for the "Hold your hand" music video. But none of that shit matters when two of the other songs from the "Cling cling" maxi release have dropped in full and thrown all that shit under a tatami mat.

When that raggedy clip of the Panasonic commercial hit the web with a preview of "Display", we were all sprung. A level of sprung which did not drop, waver or subside even in the wake of the full commercial hitting YouTube and the preview of "Cling cling" dropping. "Display" is that electronic filth we've been waiting for Nakata to give these girls after "Party maker" made us thirsty for as such.

All was quiet on the "Ijiwaru na hello" front, because nothing seemed to be made of it. But it is the silent assassin of the "Cling cling" maxi single; serving up the Game throwback that Perfume fans have been clutching bibles for since 2009. In an act of self shade, Nakata even throws an East Asian beat switch into the song which sounds better than the whole of "Cling cling".

It's dangerous to listen to Perfume's new single alone. Here. Take this | Random J Pop


  1. I love DISPLAY but it sounds like it should have also been on LEVEL 3 but I'm not disappointed. It makes up for Cling Cling. Ijiwaru na Hello sounds cheery, I'm shocked lots of people have been talking about how jam worthy this song is.

  2. I hear ya. Because of the way J-Pop albums and singles roll out, there's always that feeling of hearing a new song and feeling it could have sat on the album before, or in retrospect feeling it could have sat on the album which came after. I felt this way about "Spice", in that it could easily have sat on LEVEL3.

  3. #dead @ the edge control meme

    It is too late for me... My edges and errthang have already been snatched the likes of Display. I didn't like it at first (it felt too anti-climatic for my tastes), but it quickly grew on me. I'm still wondering if I like Cling Cling (the song confuses me so much), but eh... Display is good enough for me.

  4. Da fuq?! We heard the whole gosh dang song of Display in Panasonic video!? The song doesn't even need a "full" video because THAT WAS THE FULL VIDEO! That's all there is!

    And nothing else but utter empty and incomplete SPACE!

    This is horrible and they are all a joke right now! This single is crap and I hope it dips so low on the oricon every single victim there ever was gets their front laced weaves back because these floosies are frauds right now and deserve none of the strands ever summoned from a unbeknownst scalp!



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