Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ring a bell

Kyary Pussy Pamyu only let "Kira kira killer" loose on the world a short while ago, but already she's moving onto the next one on the eve of her new album with her kindergarten club banger "Ring a bell". Despite it not being a single, it does have itself a music video / dance tutorial video, which is obviously tied in with a product. Because Pusha P don't drop shit unless there's a product tie in rolling yen into her giant teddy bear purse.

"Ring a bell" is a tie in with karaoke company DAM. By heading over to the site, you can film a clip of yourself singing and dancing to the song and then share it socially. You will then be represented as one of thousands of avatars on the website which rain down like the money Pamyu's earning from this, all the while she dances to the song in the middle of the screen...for yo' money.

The "Ring a bell" visual features Kyary dressed in her trademark pink piece of frilly shit and her 2 wig wearing back-up twerkers going in on a routine and giving all of the life which Pamyu looks like she has no intention of giving for a second.

"Ring a bell" is the one song on Pikapika fantajin which I do not like. The music video made it a bit more tolerable in the 'the lyrics are such a mess that I like it' sense. And once you start to listen to the song it does get poppin'. But I'm still not feeling it quite like that just yet. I'm still all about the pussy poppin' fanfare "Sungoi aura" and my stripper jam "Koi koi koi".

I wish Nakata had made this a solo song for Nocchi on Perfume's next album as a joke. Because that girl is never in the studio, gets no solo parts on songs, and she sure as hell ain't being given no microphone. 


  1. This song sucks. Can't even be bothered to listen to the album after this.

  2. Haven't liked a song from her since Ninjari Bang Bang, she's gone downhill a lot.

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