Music video: Perfume - Cling cling

Oh "Cling cling. First you disappoint me with your song and now your video, which is nowhere near as iconic as I was hoping it would be and as Perfume's videos tend to be. "Cling cling" was always going to have a tough time after "Display" threw down its gauntlet with an amazingly edited masterpiece in 4K resolution.

What is catching the attention of fans aside from Kashiyuka selling sexy every moment of screen time she gets and also the dance routine featuring actual kicks are the similarities between the "Cling cling" music video and Spirited away. This cool GIF set on Tumblr touches on the comparative moments - most of which are very valid comparisons, cementing that it may not be such a far fetched idea that the Studio Ghibli classic was an influence.

What sells this video here are Perfume themselves as opposed to the concept. They look like Ming dynasty bowss bitches and they dance the shit out of the routine. The synchronicity and position switching during the breakdown always gets a rewind outta me. It is poppin'.

Not much happens in this video to hold your interest, as the one thing you want to see more of (Perfume getting turnt in the Ming dynasty dresses) is inter-cut with shots of some tramp in a hoodie running through some Chinese shanty town, a kaleidoscope and Nocchi smiling because she finally gets to rock something on her head other than the same tired onigiri looking-ass hair style she's had for hundreds of years.

What is going to keep "Cling cling" relevant are the live performances. From this point on it will be all about the routine and Perfume getting turnt in either the Ming dynasty bowss bitch dresses or the Spinning bird Chun-Li outfits.


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