Perfume get turnt to "Cling cling" live in their Chun-Li spinning bird dresses

Perfume perform "Cling cling" live | Random J Pop

I was eagerly awaiting performances of "Cling cling" because I was keen to see more of the routine, many parts of which were selectively not shown in the music video and to see if the live performance would indeed make me like the song more. And it does. A little bit. I guess. Kind of. I still don't love the song, but the routine definitely elevates the it some-what as it's the one element which sets it apart completely from Pamyu Pamyu (whose songs "Cling cling" sounds way too much like), because we all know there's no way Pussy Pam could dance the routine nor look as fly attempting it.

As with the video, Nocchi is working this routine like her position in the group depends on it. She was getting it and serving face, arms and legs like she was told Kawayuka was coming back unless she put it that work.

There was a moment during these performances where Perfume's legs were not moving in time and came off like some Girls' generation shit. But I'll forgive it, as these girls looked like they were in no fit state to be on stage. A-chan looked ill and Kashiyuka looked tired. Nocchi was looking more lively than normal, which leads me to believe she may have thrown some asbestos into A-chan and Kashiyuka's air humidifiers whilst they were sleeping;  in a bid to have these girls feel a little wonky on stage. Not enough to throw the whole performance off, because Nocchi knows Perfume has appearances to keep. But just enough to make her shine. 'Cos Lawd knows Nocchi has not been getting any shine over the course of the LEVEL3 era.

In other news, I have managed to acquire tickets to Perfume's World tour 3rd gig in London! Perfume had better give me the full "Cling cling" routine in a spectacle of gold confetti and flashing lights going off at the same rate as that Pokémon episode that sent children into epileptic fits in Japan.


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