Listen to... Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix)

Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix) | Random J Pop

The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs has punk'd the world again by dropping a remix to one of her (now many) oft referenced, GIF and meme worth songs "Flawless". The wig harvesting star's remix features Nicki Minaj. Many had questioned how come the Beyoncé and Nicki collabo hadn't happened sooner, but the timing of this union seems perfect. Almost too perfect. Surfacing at a time when Beyoncé's name is in the media over her arse and marriage chilling on the rocks and Nicki Minaj is set to release her new single "Anaconda" which is already taking on a life of its own due to it's cover art which has already been photoshopped and meme'd to pink hell and back.

The "Flawless" remix has been noted more than anything for Beyoncé addressing her sister going Chun-Li on her husband in the lift 3 months ago with the line 'Sometimes shit go down when there's a billion dollars on a elevator'. This could be shade at Solange, because she probably had the lowest amount of funds in her account out of everybody in that lift. Hence why she went level 3 ultra on Jay-Z. He probably told her to go park some cars out front for money after listening to her beg B for money all night.

Members of the BeyHive have already checked themselves into A&E for third degree burns as a result of being dragged for miles out of nowhere in the middle of the night by their fave and her remix.

I don't think the remix is all that great myself. Nicki has delivered much better verses on her other guest features, but it's cool hearing the two of them on a track together and it works well. There's no ego between the two and there's a real sense of solidarity on the track with Beyoncé calling out Nicki by her real name and letting her run loose on the track as she pleases, consuming as many bars as she needs.

Be on the lookout for a video. There's been no confirmation of one, but we know how Beyoncé loves to shoot a video and snatch a wig in the night.

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