Meisa Kuroki tosses Jin Akanishi some yen to release a new single. It will probably flop.

Meisa Kuroki was getting tired of her friends and her mother asking her what her husband was doing with his life and why he never leaves the house, so she tossed him a few thousand yen to set up his own record label and release a new song. This is a Japanese release, so we can breath a sigh of relief that we won't have to hear Jin struggle to sell sex (which bordered on sexual predatory tendencies) in Engrish - but the sound of the song itself sounds like something from his Japonicana album any way.

Rest assured that Johnny Kitagawa already has a release waiting in the wings to scupper any chance of Jin catching a hit with this song. Johnny won't rest until Jin's career is 6 feet under in an adamantium casket. You don't leave one of Johnny's top selling groups, get a well known celebrity pregnant out of wedlock and then expect to get off Scot free. No. Jin, you danger gurl.

The only thing I need from Jin is an official release of "Wonder" - his duet with Crystal Kay. I'mma also need his wife Meisa to drop a new album. Her albums are always 10 tracks of awful with 2 tracks of absolute fire, both of which I need in my life right now.

Meisa Kuroki album reviews: Attitude | Magazine


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