Music video: Crystal Kay: Dum ditty dumb

With "Busy doing nothing" doing nothing and "Rule your world" not ruling a damn thing, Crystal Kay is back to try and salvage the mess that is her US debut with "Dum ditty dumb" - a song we heard long before "Busy doing rubbish" and "Rule your garbage bin".

Fans have not been impressed with Crystal's offerings so far and judging from her dire chart performance I don't think the record buying public are neither. "Dum ditty dumb" follows the same tired trend as "Busy doing nothing" and "Rule your world", which is that it could have been a really strong song, but it just doesn't gain enough traction because it feels like it's missing that spark to make it something really good. Out of all three of Crystal's singles, I think "Dum ditty dumb" has the best chance of becoming 'something', because it's the catchiest of the trio and it has a really cool video. But the song alone just isn't catchy enough and doesn't knock hard enough.

The music video is one of Crystal's most vibrant offerings. But Crystal feels so detached, because she features so partially in the video. The second the dancing girls start shooting rainbows out of their faces, you forget all about Crystal, regardless of how hot she looks. As cool as I think this video is, Crystal really should have been dancing in this video and sporting a bunch of fly girl looks in some Chinese side street, popping her pussy under some neon lights. Not because I feel this is a better concept that what she went with, but because I feel she needs to be introducing herself to audiences and nothing about this video gives viewers any kind of hint into who Crystal is or what she's about. The US are already up on Pamyu Pamyu and as a result will probably end up comparing this video to one of hers, which whilst a compliment, isn't what Crystal is or has ever been about.


  1. I definitely agree with J on this one. This video is serving all types of Yokohama Ratchet Pop "Cool World" realness (I'm trying to help my girl out and plug her self proclaimed new style of music), but it is severely lacking in personality for the sole reason that she is barely in it. I would love to have seen her in the center of those girls twerking it out and thrashing a freshly scalped weave, but instead we got short intermittent shots of her sporting the 90's freeze hairdo with an Ursula style CGI ink dress. To top it all off, the song is barely over 2 minutes long. It was like she ran out of credits at the arcade and had to cut her game short. I would have donated to a Kickstarter if only to give the video another minute and an extra verse.

    Crystal has my unwavering love and support, but I am going to wish upon all the stars in the sky that she can come out with a single that manages to fire on all cylinders simultaneously at least once before she retires. At this point, I am still not opposed to her hitting the reset button, revisiting her "All Yours" album, and turning that into an updated R&B English album. "Elevator" popped up on my iPod this morning on the way to work, and I was getting all types of life as I karaoke-styled that all the little long way to work.

    Also, @Mel Ro captured my reaction exactly when @InnerRise complimented a Crystal Kay video. I had to check the national news to make sure that pigs weren't flying, the oceans hadn't dried up, and that Britney wasn't going to be the new judge for "So You Think You Can Dance". I might frame a screenshot of this for posterity. LOL

  2. Love everything except those awkward closeups.

  3. completely Irrelevant, but did ya'll see Ayumi's video for the ALS ice bucket challenge. That bitch will do anything to be relevant, young, and hip again. As always though, the bitch is late to the party, and decides to pick up on trends when they're already played out.

  4. Oh my god really? This betch is becoming my best friend.

    Don't nobody make me as happy nowadays.

    Makes since........considering her career is on ice and was doing the ice challenge way before it was a thing.

  5. LOLLOL more like her career was hit by a large iceberg and submerged long ago.

  6. The song is catchy, unique and does a good job of showcasing her Asian influences (The Japanese verses are dope as fuck). What I like most is that the MV is part Anime, part dance practice, and shows a different side to her. Good job. I want to see her work with some of the more relevant producers now. She would do really good paired with Calvin Harris, Roysopp, or even Mike Will Make it.

  7. Can't she just release "kirakuni" in the US...that song would def chart

  8. I LOOOOVE me some Dum Ditty Dumb, but J is totally right. I love it because I KNOW Crystal already so I'm like "Ayyyeeeeee, my sassy "ESCALATOR" level Kuri-chan came out to play". However, she didn't deliver any type of vocals that make me wanna run the track back because it was too much to take in after a once through. Honestly, I feel I got seduced by the visuals because before I bumped Rule Your World out of the three...

    I also have to admit my disappointment because....well...I thought the video took so long to drop because chick was gonna through in another verse or something....Kinda feeling cheated.

  9. Alissa Springfield26 August 2014 at 01:01

    I'm trying to find the reason why animal rights people would get mad about this? I usually watch a video after someone complains about it and try to see their point of view but I cant see it. I don't understand. I also don't understand why people are hating on Dara shes great and it wouldn't be 2ne1 without her <3.

  10. Love me some CK been staning for her but lawd I would of loved to hear this sound form her state side some years ago but I really loved the cultural impact of the video. I need CK team to get it together fashion wise she is snatched for the gawds check her instagram. Musical she not finding her way she is still lost I think she's hearing so many new sounds she just not sure what she wants to be yet but her team needs to guide her


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