Music video: FKA Twigs - tw-ache

FKA Twig fans will have seen the video to "tw-ache" back in June, when it had featured exclusively on Dazed during which time FKA Twigs was the cover star of their physical issue at the time and they had run several feature pieces on her online.

The video for "tw-ache" directed by FKA Twigs herself and Tom Beard. The "tw-ache" is a remix of FKA's own track "Ache" - the original video of which shares a very similar aesthetic to this one. FKA Twig's videos are usually quite abstract and fractured. Whilst the editing of this video could be considered as such, the general theme of it is rather simple in that it is just based around dance, the movements and intimacy of which are open to interpretation. It's one of FKA Twig's most 'normal' videos for the lack of a better expression. It's almost as though she's stripping everything down to who she is; having originally started out as a dancer and the lack of vocals in the music cause you to zone in completely on the visuals and the physicality as well the the intimacy of the dancers.

FKA Twigs has been doing many rounds online as of late, most recently with the release of her song and video "Two weeks", delivering a smooth slice of Prince like R&B, with a visual almost comparable to Kanye West's "Power", albeit on a smaller scale and more than likely a much smaller budget.


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