Music video: HA:TFELT (Yenny of the Wonder girls) - Ain't nobody

With the Wonder girls being as good as dead and ex-Wonder girl Sunmi coming out of nowhere to trample over the wreckage of the girl group to show the world how she gets down with her slow twerks and pussy pops, Yenny wants blood.

Yenny's chops as a song writer and her singing ability were as clear as day as part of the Wonder girls, to the point where you'd mistake her for being the leader of the group and putting Sunye under a JYP cafeteria table. So it should come as no surprise that she's decided to go solo. What is slightly surprising however is what she debuted with as her song and video, which is very similar to Sunmi's "24 hours" with its dark visuals and a choreographed routine which involves getting low on the floor and opening legs in a little white number which shows everything the second the routine gets under way.

"Ain't nobody" is not my cup of tea, but the bandwagoning of dubstep didn't aggravate me as much as it normally would. Despite the sonical shifts between the verses the chorus and the refrain, the song feels wholly monotonous and doesn't feature a strong melody. In light of all this, I don't dislike the song. But props to Yenny for not having JYP produce her debut. That man recycles beats and song concepts like Namie Amuro recycles her boots.


  1. Her EP was amazing, though. You have to give it to a bitch who has the audacity to sample the fucking '007' Theme for a track.

  2. Loved the song and her vocals. Tired of these 'I just woke up out of bed' KPOP MVs though...


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