Music video: MiChi - All I know

MiChi has slowly been falling off ever since her close to perfect debut and her latest new single "All I know" keeps her well on that decline. Nothing that MiChi has delivered since Up to you has been bad, but it's not been great neither and this is the problem. Everything she does, we know she can do better. "All I know" is a nice song, but it's so generic, and as has become custom for MiChi it comes with an awful music video which looks as though it was shot on a music video budget that wouldn't be able to buy a pack lunches worth of snacks for a child.

Man, I miss the days when MiChi was dropping pop bangers and doing it like no other chick was.

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  1. I totally J agree that the remix isn't all that in comparison to the original release but here's the deal: it doesn't NEED to be! Its the same hot-to-death trap beat slowed down to molasses speed just with some supremely shady verses added; this is the kind good remix s*** Murder Inc. used to do when Ashanti & Ja Ruke were actually selling records beyond your local ghetto dimestore and were EVERYWHERE on the damn radio. Nice work Queen Bey and Miss Minaj but u don't have 2 try so hard :D....

  2. "For Nochesus' love is unconditional. She will give her all for any single, be it '1mm' or 'I Still Love U'. Even 'Mirai no Museum' will receive a fair performance when it's called for."
    - The Book of Nakata 57:5

  3. Dare I say it, Nocchi needs a solo act. We'd all watch.

  4. What are ya'll talking about with Nocchi now?

    Everytime ya'll are about to say it you either typo, leave a word out or stroke or something.

  5. Innerlies, our resident yellow-skinned tranny, how are we today? Did the last sideline trick not please your open orifices correctly?

    "YAAS, when a wig falls out, does a bitch go bald?"
    I don't know sister who swings for the same-sex team, you tell me from the look of your avatar:D...

  6. Was that all I typed in that quote? That's the entire post?

    How many of yours are that small? lolololol

  7. Try this number: not as small as what's between your ears or legs. If that can stop anybody from throwing up, or rather induce it ad infintum upon anybody, I'm sure that could! ^.^ (rol-rol-rol-rol-*rimshot*)...

  8. The live at Survival dAnce (or something) proofed that just A~chan can sing actually. All three was in Hiroshima Actor School, and they were educated to sing (Nocchi mostly), but they don't exercise, and they don't have classes anymore. So, without practice they don't have gains.

    Perfume will never be a global group "singing" behind off microphones. They just can't. Nakata Needs to wake up and re-record all these songs in the actual voice of the girls (because they are grown up now) and create a new routine that they can sing and dance at the same time. Actually, or they sing, or they dance. It's too difficult to do all this in the same time.

    But I hope Perfume grows. Really. I just love Perfume, but this is making me sad. FEMM started their promotions in March and already have performances with all what Perfume desires: synhcronism, live-singing performances and solo stages, without dancers.

    I'm bad at English, but I hope you can understand me.


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