Music video: Moxiie - Anyway

Haitian pop star Moxiie is connected to Namie Amuro's "Hands on me". Keep reading, I'll get to how. But walk with me for a minute as I give the lowdown on Moxiie's latest release "Anyway".

Whilst other artists are putting out kiss off songs about deadbeats to colourful music backdrops, here's little Moxiie releasing a song about staying in a relationship to a dark as hell bassline and an even darker video which see's her sporting a wig of devil horns. I'd like to see somebody try and snatch that from a bitch.

"Anyway" feels like a lost tape from somebody's ghetto basement house party in the 90's, which is why I love it. The song is darker than anything Moxiie has done before and the video is tame aesthetically given how outlandish Moxiie's style usually is. "Anyway" is a big step change for her, as it strips away many of the layers we usually get with her music and her videos. Every once in a while an artist will drop that one song which strips away the excess and allows you to see them as they are and "Anyway" seems to be that moment for Moxiie.

Whilst it would be easy to write Moxiie off as some black Lady Gaga based on this video, Moxxie doesn't show one titty or piece of sex throughout this whole video. Something I don't think Lady Gaga is capable of not doing these days for the sake of selling a copy of Artpop. I feel like I know Lady Gaga's vagina better than I know my own set of balls.

To tell you how Moxiie is connected to Namie Amuro's "Hands on me" - "Hands on me" was co-written and co-produced by Fredrik Ödesjö, better known as Fredro, who also produced the video for Moxiie's "Anyway" and is also her partner. I've already got my fingers crossed that Namie's A&R man picks a Moxiie penned and Fredro produced banger to make the cut for her next album. Of course I want that shit all in Namiengrish.