Music video: Sistar - Touch my body

Sistar had me immediately sprung with "Push push", which still reigns as my favourite Sistar jam, but they've not done a lot to really entice me since. But their new song "Touch my body" hits a sweet spot with me. It's no banger and it won't be making anybody's gym workout or pussy pop playlist any time soon, but it's a really nice song. There are odd moments within it where it reminds me of Ga-in's "Bloom" which I loved.

The music video is a type of mess though. There is no focus in this video between the busy setups, the horrid comical effects and a dance routine featuring a move which looks like they are trying to shake a piece of shit out of their trouser leg. It's all foolishness. The song isn't all that amazing as it is, but a really strong video could have made it better.

"Push push" is still where it's at for me. I was sold from the drums dropped, but it was a wrap when Bora spun and got low in the denim cut offs and stripper heels.


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