Perfume welcome everybody to "Cling Cling" world. Nochesus Christ serves the gospel on You Tube.

Perfume - Welcome to 'Cling cling' world | Random J Pop

Perfume did a special intimate gig which was open to anybody with access to the internet, which was titled Welcome to "Cling cling" world. Things such as this is usually made exclusive to members of Perfume's official fan club PTA. But with a national tour under way, a world tour on the way and "Cling cling" being dismissed by so many fans, locking this video down to a select number of fans would have been stupid.

Perfume performed "Hold your hand" for the very first time and I have to say, the song works much better with a routine (as all Perfume songs do). But the song still sucks and the routine is nothing great. It pales in comparison to "Cling cling" and it doesn't have a damn thing on "Sweet refrain". But watching the girls dance to it looking like Asian royalty in their Ming dynasty dresses makes it more bearable than the music video. No disrespect to the person who painstakingly edited the music video for "Hold your hand". It's lovely, but it will take more than a show of hands coloured in crayolas to make me like that song.

I'm over "Cling cling". But I will keep watching Perfume's performances of it just to clap for Nocchi who has shone in every single performance of the song so far. It's amazing what allowing a girl to straighten her hair and wear a headdress after two years will do. Nochesus Christ was serving the gospel. It's just a shame she was doing it for such a rubbish single.

Nochesus Christ | Random J Pop


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