Listen to... Jessie Ware - Want your feeling

Jessie Ware - Want your feeling | Random J Pop

Another day, another new song from Jessie Ware. Jessie has mentioned in several interviews that her collaborators on this album really helped push her into new directions with her new album and based on all of the songs we've heard from it so far, the songs have proven that this is very much the case. "Want your feeling" was written by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and produced by James Ford responsible for cutting tracks for The Klaxons and Arctic monkeys. "Want your feeling" feels like a cross between something from ABBA and Nile Rodgers. The song touches on disco liberally, but does so in the stealthiest of ways and at no point does it feel contrived or as though the song was consciously spawned out the likes of Daft Punk's success with "Get lucky" - which then saw disco run rampant on the charts for a hot minute.

The groove is dark. The keys are haunting. The song is another slice of everything from Miss Ware, who has yet to put a foot wrong with the material she's dropped this year. Tough love is shaping up to be a quiet and deadly beast of an album.


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