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Perfume - Spending all my time (DV & LM remix) | Random J Pop

In early September Perfume had signed a deal with Astralwerks for the distribution of their LEVEL3 albums across the US, just in time for their World tour 3rd, which a momentous moment in their careers and also for their fans in the States - as it will mark the first time the girls have ever performed there.

The US release of LEVEL3 will be re-branded as a Bonus edition which will release across the US and Europe on October 27th. It will feature 2 remixes of "Spending all my time" one of which I don't think is that good and one which puts a new twist on the song and legitimately feels like something Nakata would have given the girls himself. The Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike remix of "Spending all my time" flips the song into a dark groove which is quite seductive, especially at the very end when the repetition in the bassline starts dropping - with a vibe akin to the likes of "Game" or "Edge".

The girls themselves had stressed concern at releasing an album which features material produced by somebody other than Nakata as to them it felt like a betrayal. But these girls needs to get paid and you can't be thinking about every bodies feelings when there's money to be made. Plus, Nakata's busy chillin' at Okonomiyaki joints with Pamyu Pamyu. I doubt he's caring that somebody remixed one of his songs and shitted on his album mix of it in the process. Or it may have cut him deeply. Perfume need to be careful. He's already making Toshiko look redundant by barley featuring her on Capsule's songs and he's still not forgiven Nocchi for whatever she did, for him to be side lining her on songs. A-chan and Kashiyuka had better stay acting cute and keep telling him his smile looks beautiful.

I would love for the girls to perform this remix on their World tour 3rd. Given that Europe was treated to a physical release of the original issue of LEVEL3, as well as World tour 2nd - I will send my prayers to all Perfume fans for tickets to Perfume's LA and NYC stops of their World tour 3rd that Perfume perform this remix of "Spending all my time" for you. Honestly, I will.

Note: The file below is a bit raggedly and jumps in places. But the bassline stays poppin'.

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