Music video: FEMM - Whiplash

FEMM have seen their online popularity soar and gain a sizeable following in the West in a short space of time as a result of the life anthem "Fxxk boyz get money" going viral. Ever since they have released a steady stream of songs, each one completely different from the last. Punk pop jam "Whiplash" is no different and contrasts as starkly to "Fxxk boys get money" as their ballad "Unbreakable" did.

"Whiplash" isn't my favourite song from FEMM (that would be "Dead wrong") but it grows on me more with each listen. It's a good pop song, and much like "Dead wrong" it's very familiar in its sound and subject matter which makes it easy to latch onto. Much like the song, the visuals are also feel familiar - looking like a cross between Tron, The Matrix and Mel B's Hype Williams' directed video for "I want you back".

FEMM's debut full length album Femm-Isation is released on October 1st and I'm quite looking forward to it. If the singles are anything to go by, it should be a hot, fun pop album. Potentially everything Kumi's Bon voyage and Ayu's Colours should have been.


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