Music video: TaeTiSeo - Holler

I still don't see the true point of TaeTiSo. But if it means getting Girls' generation hotness without Jessica acting like she has vocal prowess on a track and those back-up 'dancers' trying to contribute with their crusty vocals, then so be it. I will entertain this sub unit.

"Holler" is hot on a first listen. I heard it for the first time this morning and I was working my head, shoulders, knees and touching toes to this shit as I was getting ready to leave the house. The song doesn't have much lasting appeal though. "Holler" does its job for providing something catchy and fun, and it is better than "Twinkle", but it's nothing special and is actually one of the weakest songs on their new mini album.

The video looks like a H&M commercial for some clusterfucked Conscious range by Versace, but the girls look good. Although I'm wondering what it is going to take for Seohyun to give me something because the girl has NO presence, sass, swag. Nothing. Whilst all 3 girls looked nice and got equal billing on the song, "Holler" is really all about Taeyeon. I'm not here for her thigh gap. But she looks like she's glowing in this video, which is no doubt because of the D she's been getting from EXO's Baekhyun.

I know Namie Amuro is watching this and is low key mad that she didn't get this song, because she could see herself dancing all up in that hotel lobby in her Amura boots and some ruffled one sleeve top, and so could I.


  1. Eh, Namie would have to get mad at Mizrock first, anyway. It was originally her song.

  2. Namie doesn't know what a Mizrock is.

    The SM entertainment A&R exec must just search YouTube for old singles and leftovers. SM album releases as of late have featured at least one song which was pre-existing in some form.

  3. Jessie ware is in the business of leaving bitches bald suddenly, she's slowly snatching chunks out of all your favs scalps. Things have been relatively uninteresting with music this year, and I really think jessie ware is about to change that when she drops Tough Love. I'm expecting it to be my favorite album of the year.


  5. Namie would've worked the hell out of the hotel lobby! Than would've have taken that set, make it into a stage and perform with perfect live vocals. But I still love this song.

  6. If SM knows one thing it is how to take a previous song and remake. Like the Shinee song that was a Corbin Bleu song; and the Shinee version was way better

  7. Tae-yeon getting the "D" from a participant willingly?


  8. In true SNSD fashion, the MV was great but the song does nothing for me.

    I'm not a fan of SNSD's Korean discography save the "IGAB" album, but this release did have a few decent bops on it. Their Japanese albums are more to my taste.


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