Dallas Green and P!nk (aka You+Me) masterfully cover Sade's "No ordinary love"

Dallas Green and P!nk (aka You+Me) masterfully cover Sade's "No ordinary love" | Random J Pop

After wrapping up her tour, giving birth to her second child and focusing on her family, P!nk made a quiet return to music, but not as we expected. Instead of a solo follow up to 2012's The truth about love, P!nk partnered with Canadian folk musician Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) to form the duo You+Me and release a stripped down folk album.

The duo have been doing little promo spots here and there and performing intimate gigs, which are a far shy away from the mass media affairs which usually ensues when P!nk releases an album, but the step change highlights some things about P!nk that often get lost in the midst of whenever P!nk releases something:
  1. That P!nk has one of the best voices in pop right now
  2. P!nk always does what the hell she likes
This union also puts Dallas Green into a level of spotlight which he may not be used to as a result of teaming up with P!nk. It's all for the best, because Dallas has a great voice; something you'll catch in the performance below of Sade's classic "No ordinary love". Grab a blanket and a cardigan, because this shit will give you straight chills.

Whilst this venture seems like a left turn for P!nk, in the grand scheme of her career, it isn't really. Every album of P!nk's from Missundaztood onwards has always featured a track or two in which she taps into Folk and Country. Plus, we oft forget P!nk did a 180°from R&B to Pop / Rock at a point in her career when it could have been over before it had even begun. So for her to turn around and decide to do a collaborative folk album shouldn't come as a surprise.

This venture is refreshing. I like P!nk, but was getting tired of her turning in the same old shit with I'm not dead, Funhouse and The truth about love - all of which sounded more or the same. Let's hope P!nk's next solo album see's her turn the wheel a little harder left.