FKA Twigs is gone with the wind fabulous on Jimmy Fallon

UK [insert genre bracket here, because I can't think of an appropriate one] artist FKA Twigs made her US debut on Jimmy Fallon with a performance of her break out song "Two weeks". I doubt anybody in the crowd could make out what Twigs was singing due to her vocals being as inaudible as Janet Jackson's. But she was moving her body in ways that would catch anybodies attention and she was doing it all with some piece of fabric, a set of fans and a light show that just made this whole performance pop.

FKA's vocals left a lot to be desired. But visually, this was a stunning performance. Whenever I listen to Twigs' music, I forget that the girl can move. As with Janet Jackson (again with another reference Miss Jackson, 'cos I'm nasty) vocally she's demure, but when she hits that stage and starts moving, she can be electric.

Twigs is currently dating Robert Pattinson of Harry Potter and Twilight fame. If I were him, I would have hit her up on Whatsapp straight after this performance to bring that piece of fabric and the wind machines home. Twigs will step that visual sex game up in ways Kristen Stewart could never.


  1. I love the new look… of your site, ?J. As for Namie… I'm kinda bored already… In fact, the whole J-Pop scene has been sort of silent with me since my favorite artists have decided to fade into Instagram-obscurity, go on-hiatus, or just plain disappear… Although it's a nice song… it's just not groundbreaking anymore… :(

  2. Cheers Nait!

    I agree with you on the song. It's nice, but it's not great and doesn't really catch your attention in the same ways songs like "Hands on me" and "Ballerina" did. Given the timing of its release though I can see why Avex / Namie went with it.

  3. *yawn*

    The video is as budget as you can get all thanks to Vision Factory still being at odd ends with Namie. It basically looks like an extended car commercial.

    The song grew on me tremendously, I actually find myself listening to it more than my main jam "Sweet Kisses". It's still nothing remarkable but I'm glad she's going the "safe" route this time. I'm tired of her electronic experiments and I'm glad she's leaning toward basic pop again.


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