Music video: BoA - Fly

I've found BoA's Japanese releases to be really underwhelming, a sentiment which others must share because they have been REALLY bad as of late. As if her Who's back? album wasn't a shitty enough offering, she drops "Fly". Salt in a wound which BoA had left her Japanese fans with since "Woo weekend".

"Fly" is boring. It's also regressive given that BoA has done much better and more memorable ballads / down-tempo songs than this for previous albums. The Londoner in me finds it cool that she shot a video here, but the video itself is boring, just like the song. BoA looks good, but she always looks good to the point where it's a given.

I was semi-into the prospect of her Japanese comeback after she released the Korean version of "Only you" because it felt like a refresh of BoA musically and visually, and it perfectly summed up exactly how she needed to be shown and heard at the time. But nothing she has followed up with via her Japanese releases has managed to touch it, nor "The shadow".

BoA has so much more to offer than this, that it's become an annoyance more than a disappointment when she releases bog standard songs and videos. What took me so long to get into BoA in the first place was that I found the majority of her material to be lacklustre and even now I still find this to be the case. The only difference now is that occasionally she might break the bore-streak with one really good killer song, but these feel far and between and the inconsistency across her discography as a whole still leaves a sour taste with me.

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