Music video: Dawn Richard - Blow

With Danity Kane's comeback being flushed down the toilet, Dawn is back on her solo act grind with a new song and visual titled "Blow" - which bears no resemblance to Beyoncé's cunnilingus jam.

There are a great deal of similarities between "Blow" and what Dawn has served up over the past 2 years, due to this coming from the second phase of her Hearts releases, all of which have shared common themes, visuals and sounds. But looking at "Blow" in isolation, there is way too much going on. The song feels messy to the point where any sense of melody in the vocals gets lost and you're left with nothing in the song to latch onto. The video also had so much going on with the editing and the various visual concepts that it just felt a kitchen sink approach, with nobody at any point refining it for a sharper, more concise visual.

Dawn has been doing this same old, same old for a while now and I think she's in need of a step change, both visually and musically. "Blow" sounds like "Bombs". The video looks like a cross between "Bombs", "Automatic" and "Faith", all of which were much better videos. Dawn  needs to switch her shit up. Much of what she has been doing for the past couple of years hasn't made significant enough waves for her, so she needs to start trying something new. Whilst I respect Dawn's independent hustle, I feel like she needs an additional set of ears and eyes from the outside to help guide her and polish her edges.

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