Music video: Kumi Koda - Dancing in the rain

I have no idea what Kumi Koda is doing with these song releases, but she's taking full advantage of the scene being clear of Ayu and Namie. A maxi single, some free Panchinko EP and now a song released out of the blue which utilizes VR 3D gaming hardware Oculus rift. Ayu must be reeling after Oculus rift rejected her use of the hardware for her "Lelio" video and Sony wanted no affiliation with her Xperia shot selfie-tastic "XOXO" video.

Directed by Masashi Yokobe, the visual for "Dancing in the rain" was shot for use with Oculus rift. The version above is the standard version for those who do not have access to the gear, but another exists which features scenes and visuals which make full use of the hardware. It's a strange partnership, but a very cool one and not as random as it initially seems; especially in J-Pop. In the past 6 months we have seen Perfume debut a music video in 4K and now Kumi Koda shoot a video for use with Oculus rift, so this joint venture between home visual technology and music videos could be a thing we see more of in Japan, before some American pop star does the same and tries to make out like it's brand new.

Kumi's music videos for her post Bon voyage era have all been solid visual affairs, but the music has not been as on point. Every song Kumi has released has been a case of 'almost, but not quite' and "Dancing in the rain" follows this off the cliff like a Lemming. The chorus of "Dancing in the rain" just throws a piece of shit into the song and ruins it. The music doesn't hit hard. Kumi's English is not Namie Amuro good-awful. It's just plain awful. And Kumi doesn't sing the hook, but instead screeches it like a banshee with vaginal haemorrhoids. There is also a disconnect between the vibe of the song and the visuals - even though Kumi is...dancing in the rain.

The hook on the song doesn't just ruin the music, but also the video. I was down with Kumi looking like a daughter of Krypton at the start and then a descendant of Zanarkand on a rock. I was even down with Kumi's rooftop "Pop diva" look. But the dance routine was not tight at all. It barely looked like a choreographed dance routine, because the whole thing looked so sloppy save for Kumi taking it down to the floor like 2002 Britney.