Music video: Namie Amuro - Sweet kisses

"Sweet kisses" is a song about Namie wanting a man to eat her pussy. With Namie, being Namie, she sings the entire song in a wholly monotone fashion with barely a hint of thirst in her voice, which makes it even more amazing. Because Namie isn't asking for a man to kiss the pussy, she's telling him that he's going to. [Slow grinds to "Big boys cry"]

Having released 2 albums with the majority of songs recorded in English and having dabbled with it on several of her albums prior, she knows exactly what she's singing about here. She wasn't too clued up on what she was singing about for "Want me, want me" 9 years ago. But make no mistake, Namie is fully aware of what she is singing about now and she wants dem sweet kisses.

"Sweet kisses" is of a style we've not heard from her in a while, sounding like a lower octane version of "Copy that". Once again Namie is singing an entire song in English and she's getting better with each song she records. Some sections had me Googling to find out what the hell she said, but generally Namie is sounding good and is snatching every English homophone from Kumi Koda's "Dancing in the rain" and Ayu's "XOXO".

The music video however is tired. Namie has a distinct fashion style. I get it. We all get it. It's her thing. But she needs to switch up her style. Buy some new shoes. Rock a wig. Get a hat that sits on her entire head. Namie worked this same look in "Do me more", "Make it happen" and "Go round". I could have dealt with this look if it was one look out of four. But it's the only look she sports in the whole video. The producers of this video found time for stop motion, but didn't find time to give Namie a new outfit and could only muster putting her hair in bunches. Time for a slow clap.