Yasutaka Nakata drops a new Capsule song during his DJ set

Capsule have a new album on the way, but nobody knows anything about it. Not that there's much to know when it comes to Capsule albums. Yasutaka Nakata finally quenched some thirsts by playing what is believed to be a new song from the upcoming album. Take from this what you will. Most notably the chords. And also deafness from the white noise.

It's nice that Nakata allowed Toshiko to sing on this song, given how he pretty much hit the delete key on her for CAPS LOCK and openly declared that he took vocals out of the songs so that he wouldn't have to perform them live. Such a showman. Such love for Toshiko.


  1. Wow, this is what I needed to hear! I have been hating listening to music lately :(! This is such a welcome listen!

  2. The STORM comment I was referencing has been EDITED OUT, I see.


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