Album art & tracklisting: Capsule - Wave runner

Capsule - Wave runner | Random J Pop

Fans knew a Capsule album was coming, but now it's official. Album name, album cover, track list, release date, everything. Capsule's 15th studio album Wave runner will be dropping on February 18th. Based on the clips of the song which have surfaced so far, it's sounding like Wave runner will be club heavy and business as usual for the duo. Although the jury is still out on whether Nakata has given Toshiko more air time on songs than he did for CAPS LOCK. Toshiko was so non existent on that album that I don't know why she even bothered to feature in the promo shots.

Capsule - Wave runner | Random J Pop

  1. Wave runner
  2. Another world
  3. Dreamin' boy
  4. Hero
  5. Dancing planet
  6. Depth (vocal dub mix)
  7. Feel again
  8. Unrequited love
  9. White as snow
  10. Beyond the sky

A video showing the making of the album art has been uploaded to Capsule's official music channel. It's amazing that the album art was done using real materials and that the effort was taken to create it physically, when the final result is something which could have been done easily digitally.

CAPS LOCK was not as terrible as everybody made it out to be, but it certainly wasn't the type of album I wanted from Capsule at the time of its release. It's clear from the clips of the album which have been surfacing online over the past month that this album will be back to hard hitting dance and EDM, but I just hope this album isn't another World of fantasy or Stereo Worxxx.


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