Music video: Ariana Grande - Santa tell me

This girl can do a high kicks on a wooden floor, but she can barely take her feet off of the ground for the routine to "Problem"? This girl can squat, bounce and do the splits in front of a Christmas tree, but she can't duck walk and serve in the "Break free" routine? I'm not here for this.

Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" is pretty much a traditional Christmas song now which sits along side the classics and has gone down in history. "Santa tell me" will never. But it is a nice song. I prefer it to 80% of the material on My everything. The video was cute and was the most natural and at ease Ariana has looked in a music video since "Baby I", although the forced sexiness was still awkward to watch.

Beyoncé still retains the crown for best home-shot festive videos for 2014 with "7/11". Christmas day I was turning up to it with my glass of egg nog which was so diluted with so much rum that I couldn't taste neither the egg nor the nog.


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