Music video: Beyoncé - 7/11

The Beyoncé album as a whole is pretty ratchet. But Beyoncé went Level 3 hyper combo MAX ratchet with her song "7/11" which makes "Drunk in love" sound like a love ballad written by Diane Warren. 

"7/11" sounds a lot like a Rihanna song. It's no masterpiece by any means, but for what it is, it's a fun song and something that I'd throw some elbows to if I heard it on a night out. And already it's sparking an online craze of covers, with lines from the song being referenced on Twitter and via memes Sometimes we just need a song which goes hard, is a banger and is about utter nonsense, and "7/11" is that song. It's different from anything Beyoncé has done before, which is something I commend her for. She's at a point in her career where she doesn't have to play it safe musically. I just wish she had this attitude across more songs on her albums. 

The thing which has caught everybody's attention however isn't solely the song, but it's video. It pretty much sums up Beyoncé's whole ethos which she spearheaded the moment she decided to go on tour without a new album, debut new songs in Pepsi and H&M commercials but not release them and then release her album out of nowhere without warning or pre-announcements. Beyoncé can do what the fuck she wants. Everything concerning her tour and her album roll out has been an act of liberation and Beyoncé showing that she doesn't need to play by the same rules as other artists when she can make her own. Whilst her peers are scraping to secure budgets for music videos, of which they may only shoot about four per album - Beyoncé went and shot 17, all of which were good, high quality videos. Then she said 'Fuck it' and shot the last one on an iPhone, which is now my favourite music video off of the Beyoncé album alongside "Yoncé".

I quite like this new 'Fuck it' Beyoncé.