Music video: G-Dragon x Taeyang - Good boy

G-Dragon and Taeyang are doing the music thing together as a duo and their latest song and video is pretty much what you would expect from them. Derivative hip-hop drivel using sounds that producer Teddy has run through both G-Dragon and 2NE1's material numerous times, and a video which features both guys looking like hot messes amongst bright lights and UV, with Taeyang once again going to lengths to negate sex appeal with yet another horrid looking hair style.

G-Dragon's music feels like an excuse for him to shoot music videos, so he can show off his crazy fashion style and nothing more. His music has never been that great to me and his fashion sense and zany visuals for his songs always supersedes it. His music videos give his songs life, but I've never felt his music has been good enough to exist and stand on its own.

The music video was directed by US director Colin Tilley, whose most notable work is Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda". Which goes to show the continual cross over which continues to happen between K-Pop and the US, although we've yet to see this materialize into something big and mainstream outside of PSY's "Gangnam style" which is still featuring in commercials and TV spots in the West. That song won't ever die.


  1. Utter crap. Song, lyrics, arrangement, her voice, the video. It's all ratchet and not the funny type of ratchet.

  2. I both agree and disagree. The song is not something I'd listen to normally. Not even for fun. The beat goes hard but what the Hell is going on with those lyrics? I feel like B just ran into the studio and said, "DROP IT!" and pretended to be Jay-Z for a few minutes minus his actual talent.

    But that's also why I like the video and the song together. It has no damn point. It's fun, and you know that she doesn't have a single ounce of fucks left to give (like Blue Ivy giving her vicious side eye at 0:57). I could watch the shit out of a video like this and the lord knows I did.

    I hope the next era B presents us with is as impromptu and experimental as this one.

  3. this song is sh*t and not the good kind of sh*t..

  4. oi como vai beleza?obrigado por su trabalhon viaje estambul


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