Music video: Gwen Stefani - Spark the fire

Pharrell Williams has been talking up Gwen Stefani's third studio album for months on end and hadn't given us so much as a 30 second clip to go off of. But we finally get to hear one of the fruits of his work with the never ageing star. "Spark the fire" is not blazing. It's more like a blast of warm air. It is complete and utter nonsense, as most of Gwen Stefani's singles tend to be. But I like that Pharrell gave her some old skool Neptunes shit and something that he would normally give a rapper; which was probably his intention given Gwen's flow on the song. 

The emoji ridden, Takashi Murakami-esque video gave me a headache (I must be getting old). This whole heavily animated vibe seems to be a thing Gwen is stuck on at the moment. Gwen always ties her music to what she is doing within fashion, and with her Spring 2015 L.A.M.B clothing collection being focused on bold colours and prints, naturally this has translated into the visuals for her music. That and product placement. 30 seconds of the "Baby don't lie" video was a Puma commercial and a solid minute of "Spark the fire" was flogging a Fiat car and a Hewlett Packard printer.

Gwen looks great thought. Her and Pharrell do not age for shit. When you're earning 6 figure pay cheques, of course you can afford security to keep Father time from laying a smackdown on you. But I'm convinced that either Gwen and Pharrell's parents are Vampires or they both have an Ocarina of time. Although Pharrell needs to stop with the eyeliner and mascara and leave that shit for Gwen. Yes playa, I noticed.


  1. *blinks*

    Who the fuck wants to hear a XOXO/Chopin mashup?!?!! WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO HEAR EYES, SMOKE, MAGIC AT ALL?!?!?!?!! I have no idea WHY I tried to like that song so much, but Ayu's tired ass vocals over a '20s inspired beat that can barely hold itself together Is the stuff of nightmares, y'all.

    (Also, I'm lawl'ing at her including M on this album; y'all wanna talk smack about her not being about to let go of You and Me, but this trick ALWAYS go running back to that track at the first sign of trouble)

  2. You're not the only one getting old; I am sending so much side eye Gwen's way for this foolishness

  3. Ayu X Chopin?! Ayu X Mozart?!?! Ayu X Bach?!?! Ayu X Tchaikovsky?!?!?! Dis better be a joke

  4. After all these years you would think the girl would find some sort of rhythm. #savethelastdance

  5. Oğuzcan Yüksel4 January 2015 at 11:13

    Hey J, thanks for the news! But apparently, are we sure that the title and the tracklisting are official? I see a different name and tracklist everywhere: the title is going to be "Love Classics" and the tracklist is this:

    01. Voyage [Pachelbel's Canon]
    02. SEASONS [Dvorak: Homeward Bound (Symphony No. 9『From the New World』~2nd movement)]
    03. Days [Vivaldi: Violin Concertos "Four Seasons" - "Winter" ~2nd movement]
    04. TO BE [Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Volume 1 first song Prelude]
    05. YOU [Petzold: Minuet (Minuet of Bach)]
    06. Virgin Road [Chopin: raindrop prelude]
    07. Dearest [Dvorak: Humoresque No. 7]
    08. HONEY [Handel: oratorio "Messiah" - Hallelujah Chorus]
    09. winding road [Debussy: Preludes Volume 1 ~ Amairo maiden]
    10. Who... [Elgar: Salut]

    And just in case, here's the link from CDJapan:

  6. starlightshimmers4 January 2015 at 23:38

    This remind me of BoA's "WOO WEEKEND" video. We all know how this ends, flop.

  7. What the hell is this? The video is bad but the song is like knives grating in my ears. Urgh!

  8. hmm...i didn't mind it! it was giving me "Yuumy" teas, which should have been a single for her and remixed to death. i always enjoy gwen and pharrell - the both of them and damn near do no wrong.

  9. You literally worship Ayu lmao she stays on your mind.

  10. I generally agree with what you said, Ayu can definitely sing though lol her voice just isn't everyone's cup of tea.

  11. lol no response. You just want some company.

  12. (o_o)

    Wow.....this sounds like complete utter tripe. Gwen darling, you can do so much better.

  13. I like more ayumi's version than the original


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