Music video: Samantha Jade - Sweet talk

Perth born Samantha Jade has had many false starts over the years, but it seems now might finally be for real. Might. Maybe.

After numerous career setbacks and label turmoil's, Samantha laid low and seemed to vanish without a trace, until she emerged as a contest on X-Factor Australia back in 2012, which she went on to become the winner of. Rather than bother to try and cultivate Samantha's talents into an album of original material, her debut release was an album of covers with the exception of its lead single "What you've done to me" - which was a misleading mess in itself. But thankfully her follow up album will feature all new material. Although the release date of it is yet to be confirmed, as recording halted as a result of Samantha's mother falling ill early last year and her unfortunate passing in June.

"Sweet talk" is a nice song which is catchy, familiar and shows off her vocals nicely without over-selling them. But the sound has been worked by just about every mainstream pop artist over the past 2 years - and this seems to be a unfortunate trend with all of Samantha's singles. That they are so cookie cutter and carbon copied. "Sweet talk" has enough going for it that it can do what it needs to, but Samantha will need to come with something more distinct and stand out with her next single.

Samantha is bound to draw many comparisons to Ariana Grande, but it's worth noting that Samantha Jade was signed and putting out music long before Ariana was damaging her hair for Nickelodeon or doing Mariah impressions on each of her songs. She also did the whole EDM thing before "Break free" back in 2013 with "Firestarter". Not that this really means anything if Ariana is getting the sales and exposure and Samantha isn't.

Never forget her 2009 single "Turn around". Never forget.