Music video: Ginette Claudette - Jump

New Yorker Ginette Claudette released her debut album Tainted emotions last year, but she is keeping things moving and starting the new year afresh with a brand new song titled "Jump". Produced by Polo Crew, August Rigo and D10, and written by Ginette herself, the song stinks of Brandy's lacefront and I mean this as a compliment in the nicest possible way. I love me some Brandy, and any chick who can work a Brandy angle with her music and work it nicely will always get my attention. Then to see Ginette giving me Namie Amuro "Baby don't cry" realness in the video too, it was a wrap. "Jump" was officially my shit.

Check out Ginette over at Soundcloud to hear some of her other material and her host of covers.

Shoutouts to Frederick, one of my longest standing followers from the days before there was even a blog, for putting me onto this song. It's found itself several homes within my Winter, Chilled and R&B playlists. Cheers fella.


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