Music video: Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever)

As has been a theme for every single off of Jessie Ware's second album Tough love, her latest release "You & I (Forever)" is of a completely different gear to what came before and is yet another song written in collaboration with a high profile name in music. "Tough love" was written in collaboration with Benny Blanco of Katy Perry and Ke$ha fame. "Say you love me" was written by Ed Sheeran. "Want your feeling" was produced by Dev Hynes. "You & (Forever)" is written by the master scissor leg, drop kicker Miguel.

The music video to "You & I (Forever)" ties in nicely with the visual direction of the album (which sadly features no images in its inlay). But what is most alluring about this video is that it's the first video where the super cool, super composed Jessie we have always gotten in videos is replaced by a woman who can't contain how in love she is. Beyoncé and Jay-Z thug it out on beaches at night. Jessie Ware and her boo kick it in an Photoautomat.

Jessie got married before the release of Tough love. Up until that point she was very coy about talking about her relationship with her then fiancée. And whilst her Instagram featured odd pictures of him, there was nothing that obviously pointed to him being with him. But on the release of her single "Tough love", not only did Jessie open up musically, but she became increasingly open about her husband to be. Ever since tying the knot it's as though floodgates have opened, and Jessie wants the world to know who her husband is and how in love with him she is. Her Instagram features more pictures of him and her with him, in interviews she's frank about which songs are about him ("You & I (Forever)" was written about him taking so long to propose), and he features prominently in the music video.

Jessie Ware. Serving hot music and heart to the masses. One wig snatching song and video at a time.


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