SNSD's Jessica hits the studio with one of Michael Jackson's brothers

SNSD's Jessica hits the studio with one of Michael Jackson's brothers | Random J Pop

Jessica was monumentally kicked out of Girls generation after being giving an ultimatum to either focus solely on the group or pack her bags to work on her clothing line. This is the super abridged version of events. Google 'SNSD Jessica' and you will find many a low-down on what happened and that her booting from the group was something which was brewing over time. It seems as though that if she wasn't kicked out when she was, chances are she would have left. This is as much as we're going to get for now, because nobody involved is going to risk having a price put on their head for spilling the tea on what really happened.

But despite Jessica wanting to focus on fashion, it would seem music is still on her agenda.

Jessica has already begun to work on solo material with the help of Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine (the one who looks like a black, melting Action man figure). Please don't ask me questions about how this came about, because I'm trying to figure it out myself.

Jessica renewed her contract with SM entertainment in January 2014. And much like phone and network providers, SM don't do yearly contracts, so she must still be locked into that shit right now. Whether Slave Monger entertainment will terminate Jessica's contract and make her parents re-mortgage their house to pay Lee Soo-Man in unpaid fees and damages, or if they will continue to support her endeavours as a solo act is unknown.

Whilst Jessica was one of the 'primary' singers in the group, she did not have the best voice and was one of the worst dancers. There's nothing to her that could float a solo career in music. None of the girls in Girls' generation could go solo for more than 10 minutes. Some of them wouldn't last 10 seconds. So I wish Jessica all the best. She's going to need a bigger and better name than Jermaine Jackson if she wants to make it. She needs to be whatsapping Dr. Luke and Max Martin, and she needs to put something out whilst people are still Googling her name, and before her mattress gets thrown out of the Girls' generation dorm.

Enough about Jessica. I want to know when Sooyoung is going to put out a solo album. That girl can't sing, can't dance and is in need of thousands of calories, but I bet her solo album would be hot. I'm basing this on nothing.


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