Sunday shade: When Beyoncé meets Final Fantasy

With the highly popular PlayStation video game Final Fantasy X getting HD remasters, I figured it was only right that B'Day fantasy gets a HD re-master too. 

B'Day fantasy was born out of the question: What would Beyoncé do in a life situation as a Final Fantasy character?

And there you have it.

Album reviews: I am...Sasha Fierce | 4 | Beyoncé


  1. Life has a new meaning. <3

  2. lol. Summon Chris Brown should have been a choice. Then she should have did it! lol. Phase in a fanmade Chris Brown beating Rihanna with Beyoncé shouting attacks from behind. Masterpiece Gold.

  3. I'm failing to see the shade here but be that as it may, it sounds INTERESTING if not great what you did here! Speaking of cool new sounds, did you know Utada is planning a 2015 comeback, singing the theme for the last Neon Evangelion movie, and has but 1 album in her EMI contract left, unfortunately? Cant wait for the official announcement from her and the management, not to mention your reviews for Miming Mimi and Jessie Ware's latest albums:D...

  4. Hiroshi Kurakata7 January 2015 at 09:30

    That Get Me Bodied mix is poppin!!

  5. Final Fantasy is synonymous with gorgeous instrumental music... Beyoncé isn't.

  6. i just can't believe you didn't praise the fabulous "Kremlin Dusk" for me is one of the best songs utada has ever made.


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