Is Hikaru Utada working on a new song...and a new album!?

Hikaru Utada is working on a new song...and a new album!? | Random J Pop

Another film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series is due for release this year, which means box office and ORICON chart wigs are about the come clean off.

From the very beginning of the Rebuild series Hikaru 'My debut album sold over 7 million copies in Japan alone' Utada has provided a song for each film; which means Hikaru needs to hit the studio, and hit the studio she shall. In fact, some reports are citing that she in fact already has.

A high importance fax was sent out to every major Japanese record label, informing them that Hikaru is dropping new music in 2015. Single and album release schedules are now in a state of disarray. Veteran acts are standing by to see the damage Hikaru will cause, and the newbies are wondering if this 'Hikaru Utada' they've been hearing about is real. They're about to get to know. Hikaru Utada be like Godzilla.

Hikaru Utada tweeted that she is working on a new song and even hinted at the title of it.
In addition to this new song, rumours are abound that a new album could also be on the way. Hikaru is contractually obligated to release another album of original material via Universal music and word is that they are tired of waiting and want Hikaru to work on the damn thing and drop it this year. With Universal having milked the rerelease of her debut album First love and the controversial Utada Hikaru no uta, it's no surprise that they are just as thirsty for a new album from Hikaru as her fans are. Everything concerning a new album dropping this year is mere speculation however. So before you get too excited, hold out for the Evangelion song which is a definite and then just play that shit to death alongside her discography until another song comes along - just as we've been doing since Hikaru took a seat 5 years ago. Lord help us if this new song ends up being nothing but a PLANiTb remix of 2012's "Sakura nagashi".

Then there is also Kingdom Hearts III. Details of this game in general are very thin on the ground. There is no release date, nobody knows anything about the game, and it seems (like most of Square Enix's titles these days) that it's been going through development hell. Despite the disputes over money concerning Hikaru's future involvement in the Kingdom Hearts series, I still wouldn't rule out her recording a new song for the upcoming game. Hikaru Utada is so synonymous with the series and owes a a large part of her overseas success to it, that I cannot imagine her turning her back on it completely. Especially as Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Normua had openly said that Hikaru Utada was the only artist he had in mind for delivering the theme song to the original game.


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