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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Mondai girl | Random J Pop

Whilst Perfume continue to promote "Cling cling" and convince the world they really care about that nonsense single, Pamyu Pamyu has been throwing her songs around in commercials for Nintendo, Chintai and a J-drama TV show, all in preparation for the release of her 11th single which features the songs "Kiseake", "My room" and "Mondai girl".

I have no time for "My room". But I like how "Kiseake" and "Mondai girl" sound. I feel as though Nakata is trolling Perfume with "Mondai girl" in particular because it sounds like some  type realness that I approve of. Equally it also sounds like a song which could have been slapped on LEVEL3 given the 80's / Euphoric tinge some of the songs on that album had. The 'Mondaaaaaaai giirrrrrrl' on the chorus sounds a bit too childlike and comes off like an unashamed theme...which the song essentially is, so I guess Nakata's only doing his job. But everything leading up to that sour moment is as sweet as pie. The whole thing in general feels like a slowed down, retro version of "Tokyo highway" from Pussy Pam's Pikapika fantajin. I especially love the music on the verses, as they sound like some Bubblegum crisis type shit.

It will be interesting to hear "Mondai girl" in full to see (hear) if it features any surprises or if the extra minute of the song we've yet to hear is just filled with copies and pastes. Nakata has developed a habit of that as of late. Exhibit A: Perfume's "Display". The disappointment of finally hearing that song in full after having nothing but that commercial to tide me over, just to find that the only new section of the song was the intro and girls repeating the word 'Display' over and over. My head still shakes over that. It still shakes.


  1. No way we're getting an Album this year. We will only get the Single by Fall when the movie comes out.

    Get Wet!

  2. The intro seriously sounds like Final Fantasy 9's Battle Theme, and I'll forever love Nakata for that. <3

  3. You know what else you should listen to, ?J.

    Crystal Kay with Che'Nelle & Thelma Aoyama on this "Bang Bang"-esque banger!

  4. So glad you finally posted and shared the FANTASTIC news! You gave me new life with the Kuma meme btw...

    Its a stretch to expect an album all pf a sudden from an artist as perfectionistic, cautious and timely as Hikki even after a four year break and no doubt plenty of life experiences to create music from. Leave all the other hoes bald Hikki, yassss!

  5. Well she said in a interview before her hiatus, that she would at most take a five year break. So i feel that this is defintly the year of a comeback .. But i dont feel like she will release an album this year as the promotions for her singles are usually spaced out.

  6. I'm ready for anything, I would prefer a Japanese album though *crosses fingers*

  7. I
    really like this song, and ‘KISEKAE’. Also, I’m curious about what she’ll do
    for the music video’s, because I can’t get those ‘KISEKAE’ commercials out of my

  8. I feel like Nanaka is getting ready to retire Perfume. :(
    Songs like this, that Kyary has, should have gone to them.
    You know that choreo would have been fire.

  9. Will she keep with her obsession of being shiina? Or she will continue with her basic R&B tune? I hope, forma god's sake, she will make true musuc from now on, the second disc from her past collection was AMAZING, and i want it like that, if rock-ayu is dated, monotnous hip-hop basa it's even more dated 😁



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