Miming Mimi's stage game gets messier by the second

Miming Mimi's stage game gets messier by the second | Random J Pop

Ever since Mariah decided to embark on a tour and grace the world with her deteriorating vocals, her now well documented messy stage game has completely overshadowed the facts that:
  • This is Mariah's first tour in FOREVER (which should have been a good news for fans who had been waiting to see her tour).
  • Her latest album (despite flopping commercially) is actually quite good. 
Mariah's live stage game has been questionable for some time now, but her stint on this tour has cancelled all questions and left the jury out for lunch having made their verdict early. Mariah can not keep her shit together consistently live. Home girl can't even lip sync. If she were to be put in front of RuPaul to lip sync for her life, Miss Carey would be sashaying away 30 seconds in.

If I were in attendance at this gig, I'd scan and PDF my receipt, send it to Ticketmaster and tell them to refund my damn money.

Following Mariah's 2014 release Me. I am a shadow of my former self: The elusive voice, Mariah has signed a new deal, moving from Def Jam to Epic records; following the coat tails of her former boss L.A Reid who now calls Epic his home. Mariah is surely hoping that her next release under him will mimic the success she saw with The emancipation of Mimi. Although L.A hasn't really been involved with a smash hit album in a while, there was a moment when he had the platinum touch and his labels were turning out smash hits one after the other from acts such as P!nk, Avril Lavinge, Usher, Rihanna and Ne-Yo. But somewhere along the way, he lost his touch and his acts became such a force unto themselves that they didn't need him. And when acts came along who genuinely did need him, he wasn't there for them as he should have been, and really good albums suffered commercially because of it. Then he ended up as a judge on The X-Factor.

Everything has been slowly going downhill for Mariah for quite some time now. Sales of her 2009 album Memoirs of an imperfect angel weren't that great, she went through a difficult pregnancy over the course of 2010 - 2011, dislocated her arm in 2013, then at the end of 2014 Mariah and Nick Cannon filed for divorce. All is not right in camp Mariah. I knew this woman was turning crazy when she started wearing gloves, would refuse to be caught dead without one on, and stopped even trying to match them with her outfits. Damn things looking like the leg cut off of a pair of UNIQLO Long Johns.

I smell a Glitter style breakdown on its way. Patricia Carey had better go pick up dem babies for a weekend and check her eBay purchase history to make sure she's not been shopping for an ice cream cart.


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