Music video: Capsule - Another world

Capsule are really trying to do the promotional thing with this Wave runner album. Bless their hearts. It's just too bad that the whole thing sounds so generic. The good news is that Toshiko gets to sing on this album, because Nakata left her out in the cold for CAPS LOCK.

The music video for "Another world" is directed by Kazuaki Seki and features work from Daito Manabe of the Rhizomatiks; both of whom are most notable for their work with Perfume. That right there should be a recipe for an amazing video. But instead we get this drone nonsense.

Apparently this video is the fruits of a concept that Nakata had in mind when producing the song. Po' thing. He needs to stick to beats and leave the visuals to...the visual team. Dude is clearly losing his shit. I'd be all for a Nakata getting laced with box braids and being shipped off to Barbados for a TV series titled 'How Nakata got his groove back'.


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