Music video: Ga-in - Paradise lost

Ga-in has pretty much elevated herself from Brown eyed girls entirely, by being one of the most alluring members whenever she goes solo. Between her being the most active member of the group (this is her 4th solo stint) and not being shy to flaunt her sexuality which has in turn led to her walking through the fire of controversy, Ga-in is at a stage where she can pretty much do whatever she likes. Its safe at this point to say that she very much has her own style and angle when it comes to her solo material, which never fails to illicit a strong reaction.

Never one to shy from sex, Ga-in's solo efforts have been largely focused on the matter and "Paradise lost" is no exception. Here, Ga-in refers to her pussy as a diamond, opens her legs with the camera aimed right at her vagina and sits on the floor whilst guys writhe naked around her; all to a musical backdrop which bares resemblance to Simon Haseley's "Hammerhead" - making it a nice fit for a Bond or a Batman movie.

As per "Bloom", "Irreversible" and "Fuck U", Ga-in pulls everything off effortlessly. Ga-in is a bad bitch.


  1. Well, i agree with you many times, but for the very first time i need to say it will be her best álbum since 2011, and i am taking a risk, i kbow she is getting boring, but namie and hikki would feel boring toó if their músic were so overused for almost 16 years. And this is the big difference between them, while ayu has been working like a salary Man for over 17 years, namie and utada have been resting their ideas and taking their times to think straight, also, both of them are singers with no particular (or a very minimal) personality or Trademark, so, for them is very useful to keep on changing until they find the style that fits better for them. I absolutly love utada's music since deep river (i would love to set fire to first love and distance) and i don't stop hearing namie's dance anthems since 2007 (for me she does not exist before this years) but ayu is the only one i stoped liking with the time, but i put especial feelings on her cause she was the very first jpop singer i ever liestened to. I preffer this boring but Safe ayu than the trashy and unadecuated whore from XOXO and if she is drowining in the flop, well, seiko did it at the same moment, the same for yumi, and the same for chara, all of them very respected jpop legends. Ee have to ask ayu if she wants to still on top forever, or if she is only pleasing her satanic group (TA) with new releases, if it's so, well thanks ayu for many years of souful lyrics (wich are the highlights of her carecer for me) utada is still young and i love like crazy the five new songs on the vol. 2 of the collection, and i think this new experimental/alternativa/rock era of her it's just perfect for such a melancholic and peaceful voice like hers (i will hate her again if she keeps trying with the lame R&B tunes, that would be really boring and regressive) , namie is a fucking hell of an icon abd she has been fighting to be on top, and thanks to god her work has been reflected on her sucess, but just as ayu, unfortunatley the won't be the same again, maybe the next release from uatda comes with sales of 200 o 100 thousands of units when she used to sell even more than 7 millions. The same with namie, but hey, i won't stop lovibg them, they are part of my life and for me, they are a holy group of jmusicians each one with her own legend. I also loved the covers, i think i will enjoy the music, it's better than lelio 😝😝😝😝

  2. Those song titles sound particularly ominous.

    a Bell (rings)
    (Signaling a) Warning
    No Future (lol need I say more)
    (On her) Last minute
    (Her career is) Out of control
    (In spite of all this she insists) The show must go on
    (When really she just needs to take a) Walk

  3. Honestly, I have the feeling that this will actually sell more than colours again because the single did a lot better on digital and physical sales stayed practically the same + she's done way more promo and the music videos so far (3/4 are out) look much much better as well. Also the cover helped to get her some more exposure and positive feedback. And the reason why she doesn't include the cover on the album is probably because she probably doesn't have the rights to do it 1. 2. it doesn't fit on the album judging by the previews and 3. It's on an album already why put it on another one

  4. Ayumi looks so stunning. She looks quite amazing on the
    ‘Colours’ album covers, but I like these even more. The CD only cover is definitely my favorite! I heard the
    previews as well. So far I like ‘The GIFT’, ‘NO FUTURE’, ‘Out of Control’, ‘STORY,
    ‘Zutto…’, ‘Last Minute’, and ‘Walk’. Sometimes I wish she would leave the rock
    songs alone. I know she’s good at doing those, but I don’t like them. I saw ‘The
    GIFT’ mv. Really nice!

  5. JisForJoshiePoo26 March 2015 at 07:28

    Ayu needs to ditch the blonde weaves and the brown wigs, and give us more of what she was wearing in the Warning video. Homegirl looked hot as FUCK!!


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