Perfume get drunk in a forest to promote their new single "Relax in the city"

Perfume - Relax in the city / Perfume: Green aroma | Random J Pop

Perfume fans rejoice. The "Cling cling" era is finally over! Throw those Chun-Li dresses on a bonfire.

Perfume's 21st single will be a double A-side: featuring "Relax in the city" and "Pick me up", the former of which will be promoted in conjunction with a product tie-in. Beer.

Beer and Perfume seems like an odd pairing, but in Japan it's perfectly normal for celebrities to whore themselves out for products. Any product. Any what-so-ever. Even if the pairing does not make sense. Perfume have been the faces of alcoholic beverages before, but they always seemed so ambiguous visually that they could have passed for soft drinks. When I was in Japan in 2010 I saw the same Kirin drink the girls were 2-stepping in water to in the TV commercial. I bought a can thinking it was lemonade, only to find it was some beer tasting shit. So the advertising definitely works. It also helps that Perfume's previous alcoholic drink commercials featured bangers such as "Glitter" and "Hurly burly". This "Relax in the city" song is not doing it for me. So I hope for the sake of Sapporo that the drinking public seeing Kashiyuka's legs draped over foliage is enough to boost sales of Green aroma.

If Perfume's songwriter and producer Yasutaka Nakata follows his trend of working in not-so-subliminal messages of the product being promoted in the commercial, then I'm sure there will be a lyrics alluding to green aromas and chilled beverages. If he's as subtle as he was for "Display" then the entire song might literally be about drinking beer and getting pissed in a forest.

A preview of the music video for "Relax in the city" has also been uploaded to Perfume's official YouTube channel. The music in the preview sounds a lot more captivating that the segment of the song which features in the commercial and the styling of the video bears a strong resemblance to "Kasuka na kaori".