Music video: Perfume - Relax in the city

As every body pointed out once the single art work was revealed, visually "Relax in the city" is pretty much "Kasuka na kaori" meets descendants of Krypton from the House of El. The music video to this song was just the single art work come to life. This is pretty much the case with every Perfume music video, except the result here was pretty underwhelming and yielded few surprises. The girls looked lovely and the scenery was beautiful, but there's nothing about this video that would make you watch it twice. And as great as some of the editing trickery was at the start, it seemed to get sloppier as the video progressed and lost impact after the first minute.

As for the song, I'm not a fan. "Pick me up" is where it's at. "Rleax in the city" is not a terrible song, but it's not a great one neither. Yet again, the girls are sounding like chipmunks and the whole thing feels like a school nursery rhyme. In the wake of "Pick me up" where we finally got to hear Nocchi sing in a higher register and A-chan sing in her natural singing voice, it comes off even worse and feels regressive. Yet again, I get this feeling that Nakata is uncertain of which direction ultimately Perfume's sound should go in. When he gets it right, he nails it. But for every instance he gets it right, comes a song where you are left wondering 'What the actual fuck?'.

If Perfume's 5th studio album were to drop and "Pick me up" was the only single to make the cut, I would not be upset. Not even a little bit. In fact, I wholly welcome a new Perfume album where 90% of the material is new.


  1. Chris Redfield4 May 2015 at 19:21

    "relax in the city" my @ss! they are clearly relaxing on a beach!! :P yeap the chipmunk era must end and they need to work with someone else, i insist!

  2. Chris Redfield4 May 2015 at 19:25

    all this song needed was a chorus. and it would slay!!
    but no, sm thinks that a the girls' popularity will get them through a crappy song like it did with a "i got a boy" and "the boys". and it actually does because kpop survives mostly from its target audience which is F@CKING K I D S!! and that's why kpop will never make it to america. and it's sad.
    i wholeheartedly agree on the routne and the girls' inability to dance right:P
    also the second outfit (contruction worker) needed some padding. its really sad watching assless women dance:/

  3. starlightshimmers5 May 2015 at 06:18

    I like cute music, therefore I enjoy Relax In The City.

  4. i like toumei ningen too and ritc >>>>> cling cling

  5. The only good things about "Catch Me If You Can" is how great all the girls looked and the choreography. Most of them seemed to actually give a shit about the dance, and the MV also focused on the main dancers, which was smart because they were actually putting in work. Hyoyeon obviously slays, and Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri were right behind her. Too bad most of that falls apart live though. Their synergy is just complete and utter crap as of right now, and it's painful to watch.

    The song was somewhat catchy but overall, it was just very dry and repetitive. And as good as the cinematography was, the MV was just your standard dance-in-a-box set.....except moved outside. This comeback had the potential to be really good, but of course SM fell short in the long-run. I get that they're trying to show that SNSD are still in "top shape" after Jessica left/was kicked out (I barely noticed her absence tbh), but this wasn't the right choice if they weren't going to go all in with it. But I heard this was just a taste of sorts for whats to come later this year from they're actual comeback, so hopefully they'll come correct next time around.

  6. The absense of a chorus bugs the shit outta me too, it completely ruins the song.

    Like, you get pumped by a moment there, when they're all like "Im going to find my heaaaaart" and then you're hit by shitty, generic EDM with no lyrics except for "catch me if you caaaaan". It's just a waste of what could have been a great song. =///

  7. they pass their time in the river side drink and dance viaje estambul


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