Namie brings her _genic album cover to life in her music video for "Stranger"

Interestingly (or not) the "Stranger" music video is the one that was shown in the _genic teaser which featured the song "Photogenic". But of course none of us knew at the time that the visuals would make their way into a music video, and for a completely different song no less.

Namie is known for her bitch face and looking utterly fed-up as she dances. But she takes these to all new levels in this music video. If you watch the dancers around her, you will see how Namie is supposed to be moving. Then you watch Namie and you see she is phoning in every damn step. She still looks fly though. I'm feeling the part time Morticia Addams look.

This isn't the type of treatment I was expecting "Stranger" to have, so it's a pleasant surprise. Further pleasantries would come in the form of Namie switching outfits in the latter half of the video and then really going in on the choreography. But I know deep down this will not be the case and that I will have to pin these hopes on either the "Golden touch" or "Fashionista" videos.