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Kumi Koda - Summer of love | Random J Pop

It wouldn't quite be Summer in J-Pop land without a release from Suicide door pussy aka Juicy Jiblets aka Skankumi Hoda.

On July 22, Kumi will release Summer of love - a compilation of her Summer singles from 2007 onwards. Nobody has made made a career out of Best albums quite like Kumi.

I have given up wondering when either Ayu or Kumi will take a seat and what it would take for them to do so. They clearly have no intention of taking any form of seat or break to truly think about what they are doing to their musical legacy with their fast food releases. Nor to take the time to smell the stench that has become their careers over the past 3 to 4 years.

Ayu's music is as stale as Stilton and Kumi's is about as fresh as the in-between of Christina Aguilera's legs circa 2002.
Kumi Koda - Summer of love [Blu-ray + CD] | Random J Pop Kumi Koda - Summer of love [CD] | Random J Pop

  1. EX tape
  2. Hurricane
  3. No one else but you
  4. I'll be there
  5. With your smile
  6. Freaky
  7. Girls
  8. Lick me
  9. Once again
  10. Lady go!
  11. Lollipop
  12. Poppin' love cocktail
  13. V.I.P.
  15. Touch down
  16. Hotel

What would have made this deal sweeter for fans were if it included "Never give it up" and "So fever" from the special EP she had recorded last year, especially as it was never made widely available for purchase. But I'm sure Kumi will release another Best album by the end of the year with those songs featured on it.

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