Music video: Yun*chi's "Lucky girl" = Sounds like M-Flo + Looks like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

There's a new girl on the Tokyo block with limited vocal talent and her name is Yun*chi.

Three singles deep into her career at time of writing and she's already sipping on that formula to moderate success that can lead on to bigger things if you play your cards right, and in some cases suck the right willy. Yun*chi is looking cute, working a bit of fashion and has dropped a song that I for one would get low to if I were to hear it in a club and / or in the vicinity of a pole.

"Lucky girl" is produced by Taku Takahashi, who is that quiet guy with the crusty lips from M-Flo. It's almost a shame that this song was crafted exclusively for Yun*chi, as it's this Astromantic and Beat space nine type of vibe I wish M-Flo would go back to for their albums. Ever since Verbal started focusing on his fashion line full time and DJ Taku started enjoying his life as a music taste-maker and DJ, collectively they did not have enough scraps of a fuck to give their albums. Square one and The future is wow were both absolute rubbish.

Yun*chi is produced by Asobi system, who also look after the careers of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Capsule. The video visually baring a resemblance to Pussy Pam's "Furisodation" is merely a coincidence. But it's an interesting titbit none the less. It would not surprise me if Yun*chi's follow up single were produced by Yasutaka Nakata. Pussy Pam would not have it though. There is not enough room on the scene for another wig, contact lens wearing chick swaying her hips to Nakata productions. Pusha P will end Yun*chi's life. Do not let the age, the lack of vocal talent and the primary coloured dresses fool you. Kyary will have you thrown in a trunk and driven off into the night if you fuck with her shit. Yun*chi needs to tread her ass real carefully.


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