Hikaru Utada gives birth to her child. Nobody even knew she was pregnant.

Hikaru Utada gives birth to her child. Nobody even knew she was pregnant. | Random J Pop

Hikaru updated her blog to drop two bombshells that left her fans in varying states of shock, happiness and baldness.

The first bombshell is that Hikaru is a mother. Hikaru is now a mother and has a son. I had no idea the woman was even pregnant. This just goes to show how seriously Hikaru takes her hiatus. Home girl went so far off the grid that the Spidey-sense of her deceased mother didn't even pick up on her daughter being pregnant. After the release of "Sakura nagashi" many wondered if Hikaru was beginning to feel broody and suspected that perhaps she was ready to staart a family and WHOOP! There it is. She's a mother now.

The second bombshell is that Hikaru officially stated that she is working on new music. I am not getting a single one of my hopes up until I see a release date of a single or an album, and I suggest you do the same. Throughout her career Hikaru has always been open via social media when she is inspired by things or when she has an idea for a song. These instances have to be taken with a pinch of salt, because these are never signs that music is imminent. But for Hikaru to officially mention 'music' is at the very least a beacon of hope to those who were beginning to think that Hikaru had given up on music entirely.

With Kingdom Hearts 3 now officially being a thing and no longer a pipe dream, I sure hope Tetsuya Nomura sent a bouquet of flowers and a bear stuffed with money to Hikaru's hospital bed-side congratulating her on the birth of her child. He knows that the fandom will revolt and key the paint clean off of his car if he lets a Kingdom Hearts game release without a theme song from Hikaru Utada. Especially after he was the one that sought her out to helm the themes for Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I know that there have been continued debates in regards to disputes between Hikaru Utada and Disney over pay and that she would never do a song for the game series again. But I still believe there is a chance that Hikaru could deliver a new song for the game and that the Gummi ship has not sailed. Or flown. Or whatever.

An additional bombshell that did not come from Hikaru Utada herself (and is probably less of a shock) is the report that her husband is jobless and living off of her money. For now it's speculation, but it's not hard to believe. Hikaru Utada is one of Japan's best selling artists who lives between New York and Tokyo. Her boyfriend was a barman in London. Of course he was never going to be able to keep that job. As long as Hikaru is cool with the situation, the child is okay and I get that hot new new in 2016, I really couldn't care less about whether her husband is still cleaning tables or receiving weekly allowances from Hikaru in a frog purse. Hikaru knew she'd be supporting him when she married him. If dude had a problem with his wife being the bread winner, then he shouldn't have married her, unless of course he had / has ulterior motives. He just needs to make sure he's a good husband to his wife and a good father to his child. Relationships with this type of dynamic seldom ever work. But for the sake of their happiness, I hope it does.


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