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Janet Jackson - Unbreakable | Random J Pop

Over the course of Janet's career she has delivered performances where it's incredibly evident that she and Michael are cut from the same cloth. We can now add "Unbreakable" is another one of those moments. Sure, it's a song title that Michael had used for the opening song of his final studio album Invincible. But that is just sheer coincidence. What is not a coincidence is how Janet's "Unbreakable" sounds like something that went unreleased from the Off the wall sessions and sounds like something he would put out if he were still alive. That's just the name and the sound of the song, let alone Janet's vocals. You best believe Michael is turning that weave OUT in his grave to this jam.

"Unbreakable" feels familiar, nostalgic and new. But the most notable thing with this song (MJ-isms aside) is how effortless it all feels as a whole. There is no sense of Janet trying to be something or trying to tap into a particular market, or trying to perpetuate anything. At a time when it seems so many artists are trying so hard to come off as one thing or the other to remain relevant, it's refreshing that Janet (an artist who somewhat used to play this game) just doesn't seem to care and has delivered a gem and sack for wig donations in the process.

"Unbreakable" is a stark reminder to me of just how on point Janet's background vocal game is - something which I feel is oft overlooked. From as far back as Rhythm Nation 1814 Janet was layering her vocals in ways others just weren't or could not be bothered to do. Maybe it's a Jackson thing. I don't know. Because Michael was layering his shit like bricks from day one. But "Unbreakable" really highlights the intricacies of Janet's backing vocals. *Waits for somebody to say that she has to layer her vocals for them to be auidble from the whispers*

With Janet opening up about her love to her husband and her fans, it will be interesting to hear if she dedicates a song on her new album to her late brother Michael...


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