Music video: Janet Jackson says she ain't getting "No sleeep", but be looking like she's been in cryostatis for 22 years

Janet has got some fucking nerve. Going on a 7 year hiatus during which time we barely saw the bitch, and then surfacing out of nowhere at the BET awards looking like a Cocoa butter goddess. She has some nerve.

Then just as fans are recovering from that moment, she drops a video of herself walking around a house serving "If" weave realness; fully clothed and looking sexier than she did when she was showing 6 packs and titties. Dis bitch.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Janet Jackson's comeback, but I know it wasn't this. I'd resided with her not ever releasing anything again. (You know what these Jackson's be like). Between her last studio album Discipline flopping, the media not letting her forget her Superbowl stunt and her falling in love and enjoying her life out of the public eye, I honestly thought Janet had given up on music. So I'm happy to just have anything from her. But am genuinely surprised that Janet kicked off her comeback with such a slow and sultry song.

"No sleeep" is very unassuming. It is not an obvious lead single choice, but it works nicely for that reason. It channels Janet during her Janet. and The velvet rope days, which are two out of the four most defining album releases of her career. The expectation with this comeback single would have been for Janet to have released something to compete with her pop contemporaries. But by not doing so, Janet has pretty much won me over. Even though I don't find the song itself to be that amazing, I do like it. I'd much rather this, than a desperate half baked attempt at trying to be hip.


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