Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gets crunk for Halloween with "Crazy party night ~Pumpkin no gyakushuu~"

I am beginning to see cracks in Pamyu Pamyu's pastel coloured veneer and worn edges in her wigs. None of the songs she has released post Nanda collection have been that great, with the exception of "Yume no hajima ring ring". No amount of riding on a Bullet Bill over the mushroom Kingdom and chilling with hipster Bowser can mask Pamyu Pamyu not being on her shit how she used to be.

The thing with "Crazy party night ~Pumpkin no gyakushuu~" is that the production is stellar. The one thing I love about Nakata's productions for Pamyu Pamyu is that they always sound rich, organic, wholly thematic and like Saturday morning cartoon themes or scores for video games; something I feel strongly about with "Crazy party night ~Pumpkin no gyakushuu~" in particular, as the song and video remind me of Ultimecia's castle from Final Fantasy VIII. But the song as a whole is forgettable. The hook isn't strong enough and it feels off. Maybe it's the key or that its too light in comparison to the dramatic-comic tension on the verses and bridges. But it just doesn't work. I can't help but compare this to "Fashion monster", which did the whole Halloween thing a heck of a lot better, with a song and video which were pretty much perfect.

There is a sense of full blown effort and half heartedness in equal measure on both Nakata and Pamyu Pamyu's part here, and this has been a vibe I've been getting from quite a few of Pussy Pam's singles as of late. I have also been feeling this way about Perfume's 2014 - 2015 releases, which makes me wonder if Yasutaka Nakata's bleach fried wig is causing problems.


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